Adios Acne!

A lot of my friends and family have suffered from acne at some point in their lives and I’m no different. At the end of last year I have a massive bout of stress acne which was horrible, I hated it so tried to cover it with makeup but this, in turn, made it a lot worse and I was this vicious cycle of me hating it and then trying to cover it and it getting worse again.

 I then booked an appointment with my GP and he prescribed me a cream which did work but it took a few weeks and made my skin really delicate and sensitive. And in addition to this, the cream cost me £8.60 which is wild for a small tube of acne cream.

So, this little hack is for those people who maybe can’t afford these creams, red light therapy or derma rolling and would prefer to be more natural in the things that they’re using on their skin.

Another Huda tip here but it’s rubbing a Banana peel on your face. Yep, that’s right! Just take the peel of a ripe banana  (not overripe, you want one that’s yellow with a few dark spots), and rub it on your blemish for ten minutes or so. You’ll see a big difference in your acne, especially after a few days. Why does this work? Bananas have so many anti-inflammatories, like vitamin A, zinc, and manganese. The peels are also natural exfoliants to remove toxins and helps to prevent bacterial infections that may contribute to acne. The enzymes help to heal scars and prevent new spots from popping and the starch unclogs your pores.

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