I’m sorry guys, but I hate Tinder

So, I’ve been on Tinder now for maybe 2 months and in this time I’ve been on one disastrous date, seen far too many penises than I’d like to and exchanged numbers with a lot of men. 

The single life is filled with endlessly swiping left or right on Tinder, hopelessly trying to find the man or woman of your dreams. Well, let me tell you this – don’t bother.

If you haven’t heard of it, Tinder is a ‘dating’ app. I use the term dating loosely as many of its users are just looking to get their leg over (which I am not) and I clearly state this on my profile (shown below) and are not looking for something more serious like I am. But I still get a tremendous amount of morons thinking that that’s all I’m looking for. No! Not today Satan! Either these people want to just try their luck and see how far they’ll get or they can’t read. And it’s probably a bit of both if I’m honest with you.


My hate for Tinder springs from the sheer amount of assholes you get on it, these self-obsessed, rude and arrogant people that feel like they can send you rude and vulgar messages and it will make you fall for them? And my answer to that is no, it won’t. But another thing about this app is that I hate is that it’s all judged on appearance and a small section where you can write a little bio about yourself. Where 99% of people don’t even bother writing anything in there and the only pictures they post are from their lads holidays to Ibiza about 5 years ago. So when you do end up meeting them or say Snapchatting them, they don’t look anything like you thought they would. More like their uncle or second cousin.

But it’s not all about how someone looks, their personality is a massive factor in dating and unfortunately, the gorgeous, tanned, fit, Adonis looking ones are usually complete nob faces. Well… in my experience, they are, as they’re usually the ones that think their bodies mean they can be rude and vile to people. But unfortunately, this will not save them from the mighty wrath of the ‘unmatch’ button which I am all too familiar with.

It’s not always me unmatching people though, it’s normally the other way around. Once they find out that I’m not looking for just sex they are very quick to unmatch or block me (I’ve had this happen to me three times this week and it’s only Tuesday)! I don’t know whether I’m too quick to mention that I want to date or I’m just speaking to the wrong people but it definitely grinds you down. To be unmatched is one thing but to be unmatched based on what you’re looking for is just sad.  And if I’m being honest with you makes you feel kind of worthless, and not even good enough for an asshole of a guy.

But you have to remember that it’s not just you that these people are being rude too, it’s probably a lot of other people. And try not to take it to heart as it’ll upset you and some douche bags opinion shouldn’t bother you. You are beautiful, and you are a great person and you will find the woman or man of your dreams. But I just know that for me it won’t be on Tinder, and as of today, it will be getting deleted! Hurrah! Adios Tinder, you weren’t fun while it lasted and I know that I won’t look back. Just sit back and wait for your perfect partner to come to you.


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