Don’t be a Drag, just be a QUEEN.

So recently I’ve been feeling so down, so unlovable and so lonely. I’ve been putting everyone else before myself and making them happy and not me and then putting all my efforts into finding someone to be with and to love me and it’s got me absolutely nowhere.

And I’ve decided to make a change and to put myself first and to love myself for who I am and not to change myself to try and fit it and also not try and force someone to love me or try or jump into relationships too quickly.

And since watching @rupaulsdragrace I’ve not felt so amazing and confident in myself. The queens that are on the show are so fearless and confident in who they are it inspires me to be whoever the fuck I want and that I am beautiful, strong, badass and most of all, I am loveable. And I’m not going to rely on other people for my happiness because I am all I need, and no-one needs a partner to feel valued.

And a shout-out to all the dickheads that have fucked me around you’ve made me realise my worth and that a Queen can be a Queen without a King.

RuPaul, I love you. Oh and Latrice Royale.


Now, sashay away hunty.

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