Prince Charming, Where are you?


pexels-photo-196666Now I have to say I’m not looking for my Prince Charming nor do I think he even exists but someone that comes pretty close would be nice! As I feel that recently I’ve been speaking to lots of frogs (dickheads) and to be honest I’m actually quite tired of it. I don’t know why or how these people think that it’s O.K to speak to people the way I and probably many other women get spoken too. And I’m not being a psycho bitch here but, these people are just plain rude and make you feel like shit when you get annoyed or upset with them.

These people, ladies and gentlemen are called ‘Fuck Boys’. Urban Dictionaries definition of a Fuckboy is:


A manipulating dick who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over. They will screw over anyone and everyone as long they get what they want.

And to be honest it couldn’t be more accurate. Now everyone’s heard of this term but I don’t think I’ve ever used it so much than I have in the past few months. I seem to jump from asshole to asshole (not literally as that would be strange) but through messaging etc. And thinking that the next will be better than the last and that isn’t ever the case. And because of my own insecurities I always find myself speaking to these kind of people. These people normally seem nice at first but they then soon start deteriorating and showing their true dickish-selves. And I don’t know if I’m just being fussy with what I like in someone or if I just have morals and don’t want to settle for a random moron who thinks that if you don’t sleep with them or the first date you’re fridgid. (And yes I have been called that). Or that your appearance is purely to attract a partner (it’s not). I feel that something to do with how I look just attracts the wrong type of people, aka the cocky assholes who think being a twat is acceptable because they have washboard abs. Well, so my therapist says anyway.

Now appearance isn’t everything, personality is a massive factor in dating someone so recently I’ve relaxed my very high standards and I’ve just been speaking to people based on similar interests instead…and they’re STILL dickheads.  It’s mad! It really is but, not every guy is a dickhead, I have a few male friends that are a delight but I am still yet to date one. And I’m sure one will eventually come along but I’m starting to get quite bored of waiting for him.

But, although being alone grinds me down sometimes and I get made to feel really unlovable, I know that I’m fucking great and someone will see that – I hope – and appreciate me for who I am, which is a boss ass bitch. I also remember that I’m still very young and have my whole life ahead of me and the right person will eventually come along and I just have to enjoy the time with my friends and family and wait it out even though I’m amazingly impatient. So it will be a difficult task.

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