Catfish or Glorified Face Painter?


I can’t even remember when I started wearing makeup.

I was probably about 10 years old and thought that a glitter lip gloss and bright purple eyeshadow was the way to go. And to be honest with you, it really was back then. Anything with glitter in made you an immediate 10/10. But as I’ve  got older I’ve become more talented and have refined my skills when applying makeup and enhancing my natural features. And yes, I do wear a lot of makeup when I chose too, so then when someone sees me without makeup they’re astonished at how different I look.
Or how similar to Gollum I now look.

It seems to be a massive deal now amongst men and women as if you don’t have naturally gold eyelids and red lips 24/7 you’re labeled as a catfish. Which I actually massively disagree with. I disagree with this as how naive and frankly, stupid do you have to be to think someone would look like this naturally? Pretty stupid it seems. I constantly have people tell me I look different with and without makeup, to which I reply ‘good!’. I don’t wear makeup to look the same, as what would be the point in that? I don’t wear it because I’m uncomfortable with my natural face as I think I have pretty good skin and am more than happy to go out bare faced, even with my lack of eyebrows. I wear it because I want too and I like how I can transform myself into an almost different person. And then also how sassy and powerful I feel when I do wear it. Wearing makeup is all about what you feel comfortable with but you shouldn’t feel like you need to hide behind a mask all the time.

But, a lot of women don’t feel as confident as I do without makeup and feel they have to apply a BB Cream or Mascara to just go to the gym or even pop to Sainsbury’s. Which is mad, to be honest. I hate how people feel that insecure about their natural features that they feel they have to constantly cover them. Another thing that can contribute to feeling insecure about your natural face is people (normally work colleagues) making derogatory comments like… ‘are you ill?’, ‘you look rough today’. I fucking hate these kinds of comments. No, Kevin, I’m not ill, I’m just not wearing any makeup. And if I was ill at least I wouldn’t have to deal with your shit. Negative comments like this I generally just brush off or say a sassy remark like ‘I may look like shit but at least I’m not a dickhead’. This normally works, so I highly recommend it! But maybe don’t say this to your boss as you might end up jobless… but then at least you wouldn’t have to deal with rude comments from work colleagues. Silver linings and all.

But, I feel that this negativity surrounding natural, makeup-less faces springs from social media, adverts, and magazines, where celebrities look super glam and airbrushed at all time. And then you wonder why you don’t look like that naturally ( I know I often do). And to be honest you probably never will, these people have been airbrushed to fuck and have probably spent thousands of pounds on surgeries, spray tans and have personal trainers to keep them looking great 24/7. And if like me, you don’t have those luxuries to hand or that type of money you can feel that you just look… mediocre. We put so much emphasis on the way we look now and we feel that we have to look like super models just to pop out when this really isn’t the case. You’re gorgeous as you are. With and without makeup. People need to be more confident in how they look and you should flaunt what you’ve been blessed with.  Whether you’re olive, pale, dark skinned, have dark circles like me or have acne, Show. It. Off.

No one is perfect and you should embrace your little (what you may view as) flaws as this is what makes you, you. Confidence is sexy and once you love yourself the world just seems that little bit better and you won’t give a crap about what Kevin from accounts thinks. Fuck you, Kevin, fuck you.

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