My Love/Hate Relationship with Body Modification


An interesting title from the woman covered in doodles and piercings. But I do love and hate body mod. My love for them outweighs my hate, as I think they’re beautiful and say a lot about a person and by the way that they present themselves. I think they show individuality and confidence which in itself are very attractive traits, to me anyway.

But, what I do hate about them is how you’re immediately judged for having them. You’re grouped into this ‘alternative’ category, where anyone who is slightly different is thrown in there against their will. I’ve been called it thousands of times, and to be honest wears thin after a while. People will tell me that they’ve never been with an ‘alternative’ woman before and how excited they are about it, or say that it’s a fetish of theirs… like I’m a circus freak or have 5 vaginas? (I don’t).

It just massively irritates me that people treat you differently because you choose to look a certain way and express your individuality to the world. A massive stereotype that surrounds tattoos and body modifications are that you’re intimidating/scary or a thug. Now, you may not get called this if you’ve only got a small tattoo or your nose pierced, but some of my friends and I are constantly on the receiving end. And my god is it annoying. I hate to say it but it’s older people that seem to be so ignorant and opinionated about it. They’ll say things like ‘ Wow, you’ve got a lot of tattoos. You know they’re permanent?’. Yes, Gerald. I know they are, that’s why I got them. Otherwise, I would’ve got the stick on Spiderman ones that you get with boxes of sweets. I mean I’d like to say that my grandmother is accepting of her grand daughter (me – in case you didn’t get that) but, no. I saw her at Christmas and she said she hated my face because of all the pieces of metal in it and the scribbles on me. And needless to say, I didn’t visit her for long.

Another massive issue surrounding tattoos and body modification is employment. A lot of companies seem to think that if you have tattoos or piercings you’re therefore unemployable or not qulified enough for the position. I’ve been rejected from jobs because of my appearance which is bullshit, as I’m very qualified and good at what I do. But, you’re judged on your appearance and not your skills 99% of the time.

I just hope that in the coming year’s people will be more accepting of individuals and judging them on their skills and what they can bring to businesses rather than their appearance. And I hope that businesses are not so judgemental of people expressing their individuality. We’re not alternative just individuals.

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