Tinder nightmares…pt 2

So, I’m sure you would’ve read my first Tinder nightmares blog but if not it’s featured a few posts back and seeing as so many people liked them I’m doing a part two. I feel like men don’t really realise who they’re speaking to in the sense that they think I’ll go along with it or just unmatch them. But no, you will feel my mighty wrath and be featured on my blog.

Some of these are old and some pretty new…

1. Vitamin Me

unnamed (1)

Now, I’m actually really sad that he never replied to me. The Chlamydia has gone now FYI… not that it ever existed but Martin didn’t need to know that.


2. Threesome?


If he was Channing Tatum and I was friends with Beyonce maybe but I’m not.. so no?


3. Is a face a chair?


You’re right you don’t have anything clever or witty to say. But sure, I’ll sit on your face, Joe. And I’ll also fart in your mouth now fuck off.


4. Am I doing this right?

unnamed (2)

You’re hot David but not as hot as me I’m afraid.


5. Wanna play Titanic?


That’s what happened in Titanic right?


6. Love at first sext.


Yet again I still don’t understand why people would send that as their first message? It’s bizarre! He didn’t ever reply either *sad face*.

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