Why It’s Fine To Miss Them, But Never Go Back To Them

So, this is a more serious blog post from me as recently I’ve been feeling down about being single and alone. And with this goes missing company from people I dated, who clearly weren’t right for me (as if they were I’d still be with them, duh), and why it’s OK to miss them but to never go back to them.

You just cant help yourself that you saw someone that looks like them, or you saw someone who reminded you of them. It’s not your fault that you smelt someone who wore the same perfume or aftershave as them. It’s not your fault that you passed the restaurant where you both would go for dinner all the time.

It’s OK to miss them.

But don’t be fooled. Don’t wish for something that you’d regret later. And don’t go back to them. When dealing with a breakup you do your up most to try and forget them, but then somehow end up missing them even more.

You try and occupy your thoughts by doing other things, and your days get so jam packed with activities just so your mind doesn’t have a second spare to think about them. But constantly having super busy days is exhausting, and no one can be busy all the time.

You have to remind yourself of why it didn’t work out, and the negatives of the relationship.  After breaking up with someone you only ever think of the good times, never all the bad times, like how many tears you shed over them. When this happens I always write lists of the negatives about said person, and why it didn’t work out. And then why I’m glad that it didn’t work out. It sounds stupid as fuck (writing lists about people) but it honestly helps me get over them and realise that they just weren’t the one for me.

All the tears and heartache are only temporary though. It will pass. Because it has too. When people say things will get better in time they will, time heals all wounds. And one day you’ll just stop feeling sad about it, and it wont bother you anymore. I still have days where I miss ex partners and get down that I’m alone, and then I remember they were a cunt, and who wants to be with a cunt anyway?

But all of that is in the past now, and you have to let it stay there. Don’t scratch old wounds because they will never heal. You’re not going to benefit from it. The only thing you will get from getting back with them is another reminder of why I didn’t work out in the first place.

Don’t hold onto your past and don’t cause yourself anymore pain by looking back.


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