Why I’m Giving Up on Dating Apps

There’s no denying how far we’ve come as humans, as everything is now on the internet. If you want to order some new clothes for a night out you hop into Boohoo or TopShop and it’ll be there the next day. If you want a cheeky Chinese, you can get on JustEat and have one delivered in half an hour. Want to listen to a song? You can get on YouTube and listen to it instantly. And if you want to go on a date (get laid), you download Tinder, swipe right and can meet someone that same night.

However, as much as we love the convenience of doing everything from our phones when it comes to finding love, Tinder doesn’t seem to be the answer in a lot of cases. Its reputation has diminished pretty significantly as an app to find love and has become the go-to app for getting a dicking, and let’s be honest most of us are bored of it.

It seems to be amazingly difficult to meet potential partners within everyday scenarios these days, as online dating is definitely the choice of the masses in this day and age. There’s a variety of dating apps but they all equate to the same thing *think aubergine emoji*. But, there are many reasons why I have pried myself away from Tinder again (I know I know, I get bored and need attention), and I’m so glad that I have for the final time and here’s why…

I’m Bored as Fuck with Casual Dating

There’s only a certain amount of times I can go through the same scenario before I go completely insane. And if you’ve dated you know what I mean, the same gobshite every time, “what do you do for work” or “cats or dogs?”. It’s literally like the film where he relives the same day until he figures out how not to die on the train… or something like that anyway.

The hard thing is, is that when you’re serious about looking for someone to have a relationship with you’re stuck with people who brand themselves as “non-committal” and it seems that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Upsettingly it seems that Tinder amongst other dating apps (I’m looking at you POF) seems to be the go-to for casual dates, so take it from me, if you’re looking for something more than a few bevvies with someone you’ll never see again, or a grope, I suggest looking elsewhere to find it.

I’m Sick of Blokes Being Overly Sexual

If you’ve read my previous blogs or even been on Tinder, not a day passes where you don’t get asked for a photo of your tatas, as well as perpetual requests for you to sit on their face. What blows my mind is that these creeps think it’ll actually work or that I’ll respond positively to it? “Oh Gregg, finally! I’ve been waiting all day for your message, come here and let me rub my hairy fanny on your face!!” No Greg, stop being a creep, have a wank and calm down.

I’m Being Stereotyped Everyday

Now I understand Tinder is literally all about looks but just because I have tattoos and piercings it doesn’t mean that I immediately like S&M and Death Metal. The amount of messages I get saying “you look naughty” or “I bet you’re filth” is insane. But, yes I am filthy Scott. I didn’t shower yesterday, come sniff me, I stink of B.O.

It’s apps like Tinder and POF which make you question the way you look and if you should change to try and attract someone more normal. You shouldn’t at all, so don’t let that try and cloud your brain, but it does get to you sometimes.

I’m Becoming Very Shallow

The key element of finding a date on Tinder is based purely on looks and this form of selecting a host of potential partners is breeding a generation of ridiculously shallow and cunty daters. If you think about dating logically, of course, there has to be a physical attraction, (you can’t date an uggo) but there’s so much more to a relationship than looks alone. Hence why Tinder is now being used to source a shag for the night, and not a significant other.

I’m Done With Feeling Disposable

With all the swiping, matching, unmatching and shitty dates for that matter, unless there’s an instant click between a few messages, it’s easy enough to delete people from your life and move on to the next batch, and it’s soul destroying. People are people and they shouldn’t be disposable. Now I’ve unmatched plenty of people and blocked plenty of people, but for good reason – so I’m not counting that. But it’s when you’ve taken time to speak to people and get to know them and then they delete you from your life and metaphorically throw you in the bin. Like a used tissue, and I’m no used tissue – not a tissue you’d find under your bed though.

I’m done with subjecting myself to these people and I’m done with feeling disposable.

I Know Why Tinder is Free

I’m worlds biggest cheapskate and love a bargain, so I am surprised I’m not promoting using something that’s free, but my experiences suggest that those looking for relationships rather than a cheeky shag are better meeting someone organically, or use a proper app where you have to pay. I’ve found all free dating apps are the same shit but with a different name. So, if you’re adamant on using a dating app use one like Eharmony, or Match.com because let’s face it, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Very horny, stupid monkeys at that.

So here’s a toast – to finding new ways to meet people and finding love, and to me deleting Tinder and being over a month free of it.

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