Does Being A Blogger Make Me Undateable?

One thing I love more than anything else is writing about relationships and dating fumbles. In fact, it’s not just writing, I love reading journals, books, magazines, watching psychology videos and talking about all of it.

There’s one problem with this. Google my name, and thanks to my SEO, Amy’s Articles pops up pretty high in the search results.

Writing about relationships is really fun… until it isn’t. After all, what’s more intimidating than dating a dating blogger, right?

Does being a blogger make me undateable?

Despite Amy’s Articles being created on the foundation of my own experiences, I don’t write too much about my personal life. It’s mainly a culmination of sociological and psychological research and pieces about topics and experiences I think need to be shared.

However, writing my blog is something that is very, very personal to me. It’s a place where I reveal a lot of things that everyone talks about but few people actually put on the internet. I talk about my vulnerability, experiences my friends have gone through, body modifications and more: I speak about more taboo topics which I feel strongly about raising awareness for: mental health and body positivity to name a few.

It isn’t always easy to write, especially as my blog is associated with my name, but by doing so, my hope is that I can help some men and women through similar situations, or let them have a giggle at the random shit people send me on dating sites. It’s also a cleansing and cathartic process for me, and also a learning curve.

I am so proud of my blog, the increased traffic, how it DOES help people and can be an interesting read…sometimes. It’s my biggest achievement and the love of my life (as lame as that sounds). It has been sitting in the background through everything, and writing it really does makes me happy. Oh fuck, I’m in a relationship with my blog.

So why do I worry about telling people about a part of my life which is so prominent? Why am I worried to tell some people? Simply because when you tell potential dates you’re dating a blogger, (or worse, they find your blog) and chances are they’ll run a mile.

To be honest, if you Google lifestyle/dating blogs, you may come across bitter, man-hating posts spilling all sorts of private secrets and informing you of how all men are trash.

The problem is, guys I’ve dated rarely actually read my content. So they don’t realise that I don’t share with the world all my deepest, most private secrets and that Amy’s Articles is more of a tool to help others and to let people know that they’re not alone in the way they’ve been feeling.

One guy I spoke to, (who was perfectly fine), found my blog through my Instagram and couldn’t get over the fact that I was so open about my mental health issues and body confidence. He had turned from a great guy to someone who seemed that they didn’t really get out a whole lot, or even know that people still suffered from mental health issues. Other men just get scared when I’ll run home and immediately write a blog about them! And if you’re not amazingly awful then I won’t write a blog about you, so calm your tits.

Not only this a lot of people, men and women, think that I’m misandristic and narcissistic for posting conversations I’ve had with random tinder folk, “you clearly have a chip on your shoulder!” or “you really hate men don’t you”, no I don’t else I wouldn’t be dating them would I, retard.

I laugh and joke about it all constantly with my friends and family but if you say this type of gobshite it’s an instant no from me. And when people say these type of things I do wonder if I will ever meet someone who takes me and my blog seriously and isn’t intimidated by the fact I write one.

I’ve been blogging for over a year now, and have found that a lot of other dating bloggers have found love and are content, some are still looking and some are just happy being single. It is 100% possible to find love whilst blogging, but you just have to find someone who likes that element about you.

The silver lining

Fortunately, not all men are intimidated, and there are a fabulous few hunks out there that don’t mind and even admire what I do (WOOHOO). If nothing else it’s made me realise what I’m looking for. If Amy’s Articles is the first hurdle or screening process for men in my life, well at least it gives me those who respect me for doing what I love.

So being a dating/lifestyle blogger… it doesn’t make you undateable, it just means you want to be with someone who accepts you for everything, and loves what makes you happy. Let’s face it: that’s what we’re all looking for, right?

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